I have been involved with dogs with what seems a zillion years. There is nothing more fulfilling than watching a dog who has been a 'problem child' flourish. My main passion is the conformation ring, and dog psychology. I work with several dogs that require additional care & understanding and realize that a dog's mind is unbelievably unique and complex at times.
I find it extremely rewarding when I can break through the barrier and achieve a level of mutual respect with my client dogs. Patience and a strong level of positive leadership is what is absolutely necessary and what I promise. Some people have 'a way' with dogs, some don't; I am proud to be one that does! 
I have bred German Shepherd Dogs  for 20 years and have recently become involved with Afghan Hounds and the breed I grew up with....the Standard Poodle! SIX dogs own me...and are the loves of my life
** Envy, London, Halo, Prophet and Player are fixtures at the center...and let's not forget "Viper".....our crafty Bearded Dragon who is just as much a huge part of our family!
I am all about POSITIVE MOTIVATIONAL training and ensuring that you will leave our program with a dog that will give you a lifetime partnership of love & respect!

Our Instructors


CKC Rally Obedience judge
 Australian Shepherd Dog Club of America obedience judge
 German Shepherd Dog breeder under suffix VonMatris
 Instructor for show handling and all levels of obedience since 1989
 All breed handler with multiple Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show wins
 Involved in dog sports since 1988
 Over 20 High in Trials many from Open and Utility levels.
 Seminar presenter of Play It Forward, Distraction Training and Stress and The Performance Dog and Handler
Long standing member of Canadian Kennel Club, German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada and the Thunder Bay Kennel club.

REBECCA ESTEY (Thunder Dog rescue)


I've had dogs all my life and a desire to go further into training than just having the everyday family pet. When I rescued Ginger (a Cairn Terrier....think Toto but red-blonde) I was finally able to persue a sport I found when I was a teenager. While watching show jumping at a fair they had the horse/dog team competition and it introduced me to agility. I knew in the back of my head that my first dog would be involved no matter the breed. I've been training Ginger for 6 years in agility and been trialing for 4. I have had many great trainers (for whom I wouldn't be here without them!) and am finally able to step up and be one myself. Ginger has also taught me a lot as well. She's shown me that even the dog with great drive in class will be a 100% different dog in a trial setting. I've had to be creative with the way I run her and a lot of thinking outside of the box (and on my feet!). She has definitely been an adventure to learn with and I'm happy my first agility dog has been a bit of a challenge. I'm hoping that I can guide my students into successful teams who have fun out in the field. I want to share my love and enjoyment of the sport and I hope I will be able to pass that on to them.


Tollers are my dog of choice!  I was constantly asked why I would choose such a difficult dog to train for my first dog!?!?  Tripper was my 1st fur baby in 2003.  I diligently took him to obedience classes until a training group introduced us to positive training methods.  Then my relationship with Tripper changed and I never looked back.  I became a sponge accumulating a massive library of current and progressive trainers, constantly learning!  We trained for and/or competed in Obedience, Rally, Scent work, Tracking, Hunt and Working Certificate Trials and Agility.  We'd attained numerous titles with HIT's and HIC's until cancer took him from me.  My relationship with Jet (yes, another Toller) is a work in progress with a couple of titles added to his name!  I don't believe in a cookie cutter style of training.  The more tools the better!  The more fun the better!    Enjoying the journey is the name of the game.  My Toller and our relationship comes 1st!Type your paragraph here.


In 1963 the first purebred Collie joined me. She was Pixie, Ch. & OT Ch.Ravensglen Lovely, UD who set records for Collies, becoming the first Ch./UD titleholder in the breed history in Canada.  She was only 3 years old when she finished her Utility Dog degree, the highest formal obedience title available at the time. Since then, I have been involved in many areas of the dog world with a number of my dogs being Pixie’s descendants.  I have owned/bred/finished the Championships on many dozens of Collies, and completed titles on many dogs of other breeds such as Shepherds, Dobermans, Tibetan Terriers, Shelties, and so on.  I have enjoyed working on obedience titles and have a number to my credit as well as a tracking title and a number of CKC herding titles.  Currently my dogs and I are exploring the worlds of Rally and Agility.
I believe in positive training, the old methods were punitive, and I have chosen to be a partner with my dogs not a feared master.  It makes a world of difference in the quality of the relationship and in performance, quite frankly.  A wagging, happy, willing dog is such a joy!   Dog sports enhance the relationship of dog and person and I feel that a dog with a job is a fulfilled being and taking the relationship with a dog to that level is truly the ultimate “inter species” experience! Just after Pixie finished her UD, I started teaching dogs and their human partners and have trained all levels of formal obedience and also show handling and junior handling.  As well, I have had a career in classroom teaching that stretched for 35, busy, challenging and much enjoyed years.  Certainly, as has been noted, teaching goes both ways. I’m always learning from students!  That is very much part of the experience for me!