Rally- Novice/ Intermediate

Instructor: Arletta Michaud

Start Date: January 15

Monday: 640pm-740pm

$165 for 10  weeks

Building a life long partnership between you & your dog!

**You can sign up for classes by clicking on the 'buy now' button beside each class.** 

If you choose this method of payment, you must download the registration form that is at the bottom of this page and fill it out

 It can either be delivered to the store or brought on your first night/day of class and given to your instructor.


The Art of Show Handling 

Instructor: Trish McGonigal

Start Date: February 18

Sunday: 530pm-630pm

$75 for 6 weeks

Class Registration

Payment Policy:
Payment is due with your class registration form. We cannot register you in any class without payment (no exceptions).

We  accept all major credit cards and cash.

*You can also register by using the 'pay now' option available on this page. If you choose this method, please read the policies regarding that choice.

If you pay online, please bring your completed form to your first class. You will not be able to attend class without it.

Payment and all completed forms MUST be received to reserve your spot in a class.

Refund Policy:

Once you are enrolled in a class and have attended the first lesson, there is no refund.

If you pay by credit card or interac and decide to NOT attend the session, there will be a 5% charge subtracted from your refund amount.

Vaccination Policy:
We require that all dogs enrolled in a class be up to date for Rabies and Parvovirus vaccinations. All vaccinations must be current from start of class session until end of class session.

Detector Dog (scent games)

Instructor: Julie Revell

Start Date: January 20

Saturday: 1130am-1230pm

$100 for 6 weeks

Cross Training

Instructor: Julie Revell

Start Date: January 18

Thursday: 7pm-8pm

$100 for 6 weeks

Private Lessons
(Behavior Modification)

$75 - $100 per hour

You must contact us to book any and all private lessons. We need to know what is required ahead of time so we can work out a program for each individual dog.
Fear, Aggression, and Anxiety – Behavior Modification for Dog.
We’ll help you help your dog overcome fear, aggression, hyperactivity, and destructive behavior without the use of force, intimidation, or pain.

Common Behaviour Issues

Reactivity, fear and aggression towards other dogs
Reactivity, fear and aggression towards strangers, children, or inanimate objects
Separation Anxiety
Handling Sensitivity (grooming, touching, nail trimming, touching)
Resource Guarding (protectiveness towards toys, bones, or stolen objects)
Territorial Behaviour (barking at the doorbell)

What We Help You With

Understanding why your dog is behaving the way it does
Teaching you the underlying principles of how to humanely and effectively treat the issue
Training you to implement the exercises and protocols required to help your dog over the long-term

Key Principles

Focus on the dog’s emotional attitude, not its behaviour – Helping an animal overcome fear and aggression requires slowly teaching the dog to tolerate, and eventually like what it currently is afraid of or hates.  Punishing a dog using a choke or shock collar may stop barking and lunging but it does not change the dog’s emotional attitude towards whatever it doesn’t like. Therefore, punishment is not an option.
Set the dog up for success – Don’t put the dog in a situation where it rehearses bad behavior, and reward the dog for making good choices.
Manage the environment – Don’t put the dog in an environment where its triggers are too intense for it to handle.
Empower owners – Long-term behavioral modification requires consistency and patience.  Our goal is to train owners so they become as good at behavioral modification as we are.
Approaches used:  Classical Counter-Conditioning, Systematic Desensitization, Differential Reinforcement of Alternative Behavior, Operant Conditioning with Functional Rewards

With respect to Private Lessons

Please know that aggressive behavior and dogs that are hard to handle are the most common issues, we do work on several other issues that you may be having a hard time with. Please list your concerns on the contact form so we can work out a program that suits your individual needs!

***If you require "private" sessions with one of our trainers with respect to behavioral concerns or more advanced one on one training, please feel free to contact us.

Building that Bond

Instructor: Julie Revell

Start Date: TBA

Thursday: 6pm-7pm

$100 for 6 weeks

The Dog House & More Training team is focussed on providing high quality service and customer satisfaction.
We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
Our instructors have several years of training under their belts! 
With a variety of classes and activities to choose from, we are sure you'll be happy working with us. We also encourage the whole family to become involved with the training program. Children are an integral part of your dog's life so we encourage them to join the training sessions.
Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us.

Dog Training Classes

Perfect Pet 1

Instructor: Linda Harri

Start Date: January 13

Saturday: 2pm-3pm

$100 for 6 weeks

The beautiful PEPPER & her wonderful human family

Agility Play Time!

Host: Karen Morrill

Start Date: TBA

Tuesday: 630pm-8pm

$10 per person (Drop In)

Perfect Pet 2

Instructor: Beth Redfern- Pucci

Start Date: January 10

Wednesday: 7pm-8pm

$100 for 6 weeks

$25 for 4 Drop In Classes.

Trial Ready/ Novice

Instructor: Trish McGonigal

Start Date:February 18

Sunday: 630pm-730pm

$100 for 6 weeks

Our Current Classes


A positive attitude


A 6 foot leash

A clicker (can be purchased at the store)

A buckle collar or training collar

An interactive toy that your pet loves

TRUST....it takes years to build, seconds to break.....and forever to repair...
Don't ever break the trust between you & your pet!

Please be sure to sign up quickly

as these fill fast!

You can pay as you go for this class. Bring the fee with you when you come!

THE DOG HOUSE & MORE TRAINING FACILITY         296 Brock St E        THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO        807-623-8813        thedoghouseandmore@outlook.com

Agility Beginners

Instructor: Sarah Specht

Start Date: January 12

Friday: 630pm-730pm

$100 for 6 weeks

Puppy Kindegarten

Instructor: Linda Harri

Start Date: January 13

Saturday: 1pm-2pm

$100 for 6 weeks

​​​​Puppy Kindegarten

Instructor: Karen Morrill

Start Date: January 28

Sunday: 1045am-1145am

$100 for 6 weeks

Rally Advanced

Instructor: Arletta Michaud

Start Date: January 15

Monday: 530pm-630pm

$165.00 for 10 weeks

Open/ Utility

Instructor: Trish McGonigal

Start date: February 18

Sunday: 430pm-530pm

$100.00 for 6 weeks

Perfect Pet 1

Instructor: Beth Redfern-Pucci

Start Date: January 10

Wednesday: 6pm-7pm

$100 for 6 weeks

Your success depends on YOU!



​            296 BROCK ST E, THUNDER BAY ONTARIO  P7E 4H4

$50 for 8 Drop In Classes.

Where the grooming is a hair better!​

Drop In show Handling Classes

We have DROP IN CONFORMATION classes on Sundays at Noon

​You can either pay by using the Paypal buttons below or you can E-Transfer the money to kmorrill@tbaytel.net

Please check here weekly to ensure we are having class!​​

​January 21- Norma Smith

​January 28- Trish McGonigal

February 11- Karen Morrill

​February 18- Taylor Marttunen