In order to bath, dry, brush out & groom your pet, it is necessary.
Please understand that this service takes time and we will NOT push dogs or do a mediocre job!
We ask that you wait for us to call you when your dog is finished.
When pet owners continually call us, it takes up our time and when you drop in to 'check up' on your dog, it gets them excited making them harder to groom.
Please know that your dogs safety & the quality of our work depends on YOU!


We specialize in providing your dog with a top quality grooming experience.
Safety & comfort are of utmost importance here at The Dog House so your family pet is safe in our hands!
We take our time to ensure your pet is calm, relaxed and has an enjoyable experience during his/ her stay with us
Our grooming area is temperature controlled (air conditioned during the summer months) to ensure that no one gets too hot...or too cold.
We use warm water to bathe your dogs and premium shampoos & conditioners.
All of our equipment is sterile, and state of the art. We only use the very best tools to groom your dogs!Water is available to all of our furry friends at all times.


Our groomers have several years of experience & although we mainly offer 'pet grooms'...we are trained in breed specific grooms as well.
Being involved with show dogs for over 35 years, we have groomed several of the top dogs in our country.
We specialize in all breeds and all sizes of dogs along with being very respectful, caring and knowledgeable with regards to the "aging" pets.
With attention to detail, no matter what breed or cross breed that you have, we will do our very best to groom your dog the way you want us to

If you need some guidance pertaining to your pet's required grooming tools, please ask. We carry all the equipment we use on our client dogs, in the store!

We encourage everyone to have the correct tools for 'their' dog as it makes our life easier!

Professional All Breed Grooming

Doing it yourself doesn’t always pan out.
Rely on our knowledge and experience instead.
Your four legged family member is in the best of hands.
Our pet stylists are well trained & have years of hands on experience.
Because we groom several of the top show dogs in the country along with the most finicky family members, we know our breed specific styles along with the cute and cuddly options. Feel comfortable knowing that we will do our best to make you happy!

Please be aware that any drop coated breeds that require intense conditioning and brush outs may be very costly to groom.
We charge $50/hr to comb them out.
Any poodles or breeds that require artistic scissoring requires a complete comb out before hand
Scissoring is $75/ hr
Hand stripping is very labor intensive and time consuming and therefore more costly than a pet groom
Hand stripping is $60/ hr

NEED A QUOTE? Call us at 623-8813 and we'll be happy to answer any questions.

DIFFICULT/ MIS BEHAVED DOGS: There may be an extra charge for dogs that take up a lot of extra time or require two groomers.
DOGS THAT BITE: Our safety & that of the dog is priority. There may be an up charge for these dogs as they require more time.
We also reserve the right to refuse any dog that poses a risk to us, to him/ herself or other animals in our care.

We also offer the following at an extra charge

Skunk Bath - $17
Tooth De-Scaling (dog must be behaved) - $30
Medicated Treatment- $17
De Shedding Package- $17

Full Groom
•Nail trim
•Ear cleaning and plucking (if required)
•Trimming of pads and sanitary areas
•Full brush out (extra charges may apply for matted dogs)
•Bath with our hypo-allergenic shampoo and conditioner
•Hand or cage drying
•Pet style

*Bath, Brush & Tidy
•Nail trim
•Ear cleaning and plucking (if required)
•Trimming of pads and sanitary areas
•Full brush out (extra charges may apply for matted dogs)
•Bath with our hypo-allergenic shampoo and conditioner
•Hand or cage drying

*Just a Bath
•Nail trim
•Ear cleaning
•Bath with our hypo-allergenic shampoo and conditioner
•Hand or cage drying

At The Dog House, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail & quality of care.
The safety, comfort and well being of your pet always comes first....and we promise to make your furry family member look their very best!